Lindsay Carbonell

Hi there! I'm Lindsay. Check out my resume or find me online: .

I also write a little Solutions blog for myself to document problems I've solved.


These are my completed projects. My works-in-progress are pinned on my GitHub.

Featured: The projects I am most proud of.

All: All projects in my portfolio.

Visualization: Projects featuring data visualizations.

Data: Projects primarily focused on obtaining, analyzing and cleaning data.

Web Development: Projects featuring web development.

Atlantic BT

(see link)

As a web developer at ABT, I worked with clients to build clean, responsive, efficient websites that served their needs. Click through to read more.

Restart Schools

D3, HTML/CSS, Node.js, Heroku

I gathered, cleaned, designed and coded a school explorer for a long-form piece on restart schools in North Carolina.

School Nurse Ratio

HTML/CSS, Node.js, Heroku

I made a quick one-day turnaround data visualization on school nurse ratio data. I also analyzed the data and advised on pull-outs to use in the story.

Reach NC Voices

HTML/CSS, Node.js, Heroku

In addition to building the first Reach NC Voices website, I helped develop the brand of the Reach product, created several design prototypes, and iterated the design based on several rounds of user testing I conducted.

Community College Emails

Node.js, Cheerio

I scraped 25 community college websites for staff email addresses and saved them into CSVs for Reach NC Voices, one of my clients.

Principal Pay Calculator

Node.js, Express, HTML/CSS, Heroku, WordPress

I designed and developed a principal pay calculator based on the calculations in a spreadsheet created by nonprofit Best NC.

Newspaper Database

Python, Flask, SQLite, HTML/CSS

I designed and built a database of every newspaper in the U.S. I also designed and built a Flask application to assist in a fact-checking/database merge process.

NYTSJI17: School Bus Delays

d3, SQLite, LeafletJS, Mapbox

I helped uncover and visualize a story about school bus delays in Central Harlem through the NYT Student Journalism Institute.

Cuba's New Wave

Node.js, Express, Google Drive API

I led a team of 4 developers to build this site about youth in Cuba based on a custom lightweight CMS. I also edited all of the data visualizations, translated/transcribed content into Spanish and created "Internet Disconnected" for the Cutting Edge story. This project won many awards including an Online Journalism Award.

Uncontested Candidates

d3, AngularJS, LeafletJS, R

I analyzed N.C. voter data and wrote/coded this package about uncontested seats in the general assembly.

Texas v. The Feds

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Nunjucks

A web app that lists all of the lawsuits Texas has made against the federal government, and allows for sorting.

Texas' Voter ID Tab

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Nunjucks

A timeline and table that lay out the costs of the voter ID litigation put forth by Texas.

Texas Tribune Daily Graphics

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Nunjucks

As a data visualization fellow at the Texas Tribune, I completed 4 daily graphics in addition to my longer-term projects.

The State of Charlotte

HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, LeafletJS, TabletopJS

I worked 11 hours on a breaking news site with a UNC MJ-School team to cover the Charlotte shootings. I created the map and the photo gallery and debugged the site.

Pokédex Database


An AngularJS app, designed well before Pokémon Go's release, that serves as a reference for the stats on the original 151 Pokémon.


Also see my Daily Tar Heel articles.

Workshops and more

Front-End Web Development (FED) 101


A course I am currently teaching in Front-End Web Development for free.

Data Journalism Resources

Feb 2018

A Google Doc with data journalism resources that I maintained from Aug 2017 to Feb 2018.

Intermediate JavaScript

November 2016

The fourth and final workshop during my semester as founder of Journalists Integrating Computer Science (JINCS) at UNC.

Git/GitHub Workshop

October 2016

The second workshop during my semester as founder of Journalists Integrating Computer Science (JINCS) at UNC.

Refactoring Workshop

October 2016

The third workshop during my semester as founder of Journalists Integrating Computer Science (JINCS) at UNC.

SQL Databases Workshop

September 2016

The first workshop during my semester as founder of Journalists Integrating Computer Science (JINCS) at UNC.

PHP in WordPress

July 2015

A single lecture I gave for the intro to interactive multimedia (187) course at UNC's School of Media and Journalism.