Lindsay Carbonell


Hi there! I'm Lindsay. I'm a web developer and data journalist. I'm always digging through a new dataset or investigating the answer to a different question. My most recent project was uncovering an untold story about school bus delays in Central Harlem through the New York Times Student Journalism Institute. Before that I was lead developer for an interactive multimedia project about youth in Cuba.

Right now I am:

  • collaborating with Kate Boyd to help the Wilmington Star News automate their system, MyReporter, which helps residents get answers about Wilmington.
  • cleaning data and building a SQLite database connected to a Django app for Penny Abernathy's database of all community newspapers in the U.S.

No matter what I'm working on, I document my processes extensively through my GitHub and record tidbits of information in my personal coding blog.

This summer I'm trying to find a balance between doing data visualization/web development work and my creative writing on the side. Above all, my career in journalism is most important to me and drives what I do every day. If you're interested in hiring me or have a project you want to collaborate on, hit me up!


These are my completed projects. Please also take a look at my works-in-progress, pinned on my GitHub.

NYTSJI17: School Bus Delays

d3, SQLite, LeafletJS, Mapbox

I helped uncover and visualize a story about school bus delays in Central Harlem through the NYT Student Journalism Institute.

Cuba's New Wave

Node.js, Express, Google Drive API

I led a team of 4 developers to build this site about youth in Cuba. We built a lightweight CMS behind the site using Node.js and the Google Drive API.

Uncontested Candidates

d3, AngularJS, LeafletJS, R

As a final project for my data journalism class, I analyzed some N.C. voter data and wrote/coded this package about uncontested seats in the general assembly.

Texas v. The Feds

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Nunjucks

A web app that lists all of the lawsuits Texas has made against the federal government, and allows for sorting.

Texas' Voter ID Tab

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Nunjucks

A timeline and table that lay out the costs of the voter ID litigation put forth by Texas.

The State of Charlotte

HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, LeafletJS, TabletopJS

I worked 11 hours on a breaking news site with a UNC MJ-School team to cover the Charlotte shootings. I created the map and the photo gallery and debugged the site.

Pokédex Database


An Angular app, designed well before Pokémon Go's release, that serves as a reference for the stats on the original 151 Pokémon.